Saturday, May 13, 2006

Formula 1 Teams and Drivers Lineup

well, when predicting the future (2007) driver lineups for formula 1, one things you can say for sure is that it will be really interesting, nothing else is for sure except ont fact that probably both the drivers of renault are leaving, it is sure, courtesy flavio briatore and alonso himself, though obviously even this may change.

so let us discuss individual lineups of the top 3 teams

1) McLaren : Are more than ready to throw out montoya, even for the slightest possible itch, and considering the fact tha montoya is the most unpopular driver, he may not even have the back up of crew and kimi. Also given his over aggression, he frequently pushes the car over the limit (tyres, brake disc etc).

McLaren will do probably what they can to save kimi, he suits their cars, which has always been relying primarily on pace rite from the legendary 1988 season. kimi as we all know can easily be the fastest man by a huge margin on the track if the car allows. But kimi given his really tragic luck with mclaren, will most probably looking for a change, and till the start of the season it was confirmed it was ferrari but now renault has proved that there victroy last season wasn’t a fluke, and ferrari have found massa (he is doing really good), renault is looking a good option for him

2) ferrari possibly has the most stable lineup as of now, compared to ren and McL.
schumi is doing fine, massa is doing great, rather probably better than barri, in the first season itself. i won’t be totally surprised, if they continue this lineup.

3)Renault: NO ONE, just abt no one knows anything abt it. as reddy just said, and even i read on a few sites, the offer does seem good for kimi, and i also explained earlier in the post as why kimi may accept it. (strong team + massa + money)

now having said all this, there is one guy that i would like you all to keep an eye on, and he is ROSBERG, i reckon he may be a part of the MRF (mclaren, renault ferrari) next season, if he continues the way he is driving now.

also in F1, the saying “money rules” applies very strongly, if it can happen with Jacque villeneve (sorry for the spelling), it can happen with anyone.


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