Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Formula 1 Trivia - Part II

It was only in the 1920's when single seater cars came out,till then two seater's were used. Single seaters came out beacuse of the development of (would you believe it) rear view mirrors, Since the primary use of the second seat mechanic was to warn when another driver was going to overtake!!

THE McLaren MP4 means:
In 1980 Marlboro forced a merger between McLaren and Ron Dennis' Project Four Racing, who had a carbon-fibre F1 car designed by John Barnard on the stocks. This became the McLaren MP4/1 which rescued the team's competitiveness. Eventually Teddy Mayer left the team he helped to found, leaving Dennis in sole charge.Thus the 1st MP4 /1 was out, The first true McLaren was the M1, also known as the McLaren-Elva-Oldsmobile Mark 1 when it was productionised by Trojan.

 From a normal seating position, with all seat belts fastened, and whilst wearing his usual driving equipment, a driver must be able to remove the steering wheel and get out of the car within five seconds and then replace the steering wheel within a total of 10 seconds.

In 1988 Mclaren drivers Prost and Senna won 15 out of 16 races in a season, McLaren scored 199 constructor points. McLaren recorded 15 pole positions,and they would have won the last race of the season too leading till the last lap. All these records set that year hold to date. - yeah i am mclaren fan ;-)

Did you know that Starting No's for the cars are given to the constructor and not to the car driver, except for the current world champion, whichever team he joins will get no 1 no for the car and his teammate will get the No. 2 number.This rule was removed in 1996 and the previous years results determine the No. of the car, also No. 13 is removed from the starting No's.


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