Saturday, May 20, 2006

Formula 1 and Overtaking

Unfortunately on the pretext of safety, the two words mentioned in the heading (FORMULA 1 and OVERTAKING) are slowly becoming an OXYMORON. I agree that was an exaggeration, but while considering circuits of Italy, Spain and Hungry it isn't even very far from reality. Compare the situation with about a decade or so back, and you can feel the pain. Though in 2005 Kimi Raikkonen, smashed all the conventions of modern day formula 1limitaitons on overtaking by going p2 and p3 right from the back of the grid, but that was majorly due to his extraordinary talent combined with the supreme speed of McLaren in that season.
These days, winning a gp, is primarily about, taking the lead at the start, overtaking while in pits and defending your position once in lead, you hardly get to see some great overtaking maneuvers between the top teams.
Let us all pray that in future, overtaking the drivers who are lap down, doesn't become the only overtaking we see in a race.
What say???


At 7:01 PM, Blogger Shreyas said...

True. It is now about the strategy only. As Alonso and Kimi both pointed out a month ago, Alonso had never overtaken Kimi during a race in which both were still active, whereas Kimi has done so numerous times. But who is the one winning races and championships? Alonso.


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