Monday, May 15, 2006


Well until you are a I-DON'T-WANT-ANYTHING-BUT-ALONSO type of person, the spanish GP was pretty much ordinary when compared to the earlier races of the season. Renault has found the magic formula of a reliable and faster-than-anyone-else-on-track car and were able to win their 100th GP. Kimi Raikkonen showed some sparks at the start of the race, overtaking 3 guyz right at the start of the grid, reminding us of the glory days of McLaren dominance. But due to the slow straight line speed (i will be taking up this issue in more detail later) he didn't prove much of a threat to the front runners. Michael Schumacher did well to get p2, breaking the hopes of Renault for a 1-2, but that was pretty much expected after the devastatingly fast lap by Schumi in the 2nd round of qualifying. Well that pretty much sums up the race according to me.

This race along with the previous ones, is giving a constant hint, that in massa ferrari have found a more than decent driver (he is doing better than barri, though i agree a little early to say that). With Kimi, Valentino Rossi up on grab, a stable second driver (massa) and schumi back with his form, will schumi bid farewell to the magic of F1 next year at his prime? the mystery remains.

Race Result
p1->p1 Alonso
p3->p2 Schumi
p2->p3 Gincarlo
p4->p4 massa
p9->p5 Kimi Raikkonen


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