Sunday, May 28, 2006

Formula 1: Monaco Qualifying

Well, it really looked that after a dark start for the season (on a relative scale), kimi raikkonen was all set to get to the top, even in the session with the last 16 cars, he got p1, but unfortunately he ended up getting p4 in the final standings, with schumi and alonso forming the first row, and a brilliant performance by webber in williams getting him p3.

Well, even in the final session, kimi has the fastest first sector time, but that doesn't really please me as this is one of the slowest circuits in the world, and perhaps mclaren still haven't got their speed back, and it is just due outstanding driving by kimi that he got those times.

Well on the race day, i hope he doesn't get stuck behind the slower williams and overtakes it right at the start, and for heaven's sake this time McLaren gets their pit stop strategy right, then there is some hope for this guy.

well, in the dying minutes, schumi got a nag with his car and that delayed alonso behind him, which has alonso the pole, now do we smell something over here or is it just a itch in the mind of a McLaren fan.

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