Friday, June 02, 2006

FIA 2008 F1 Commission: What the hell is this?

What the hell is this, from 2008, the voting rights which were earlier provided to each of the 12 teams (plus the sponsers and promoters) will be restricted to just 6 teams. These voting rights are of paramount importance, as they are needed to approve any major change in the formula 1 regulations.

What is even more shocking is that McLaren has been left out, even when teams like Red Bull Racing has been given the rights, there excuse, only one team per country and from UK (McLaren's Home ground) Williams have been given the rights.

All this has been done to simplify the decision making process, but i say, still each team should enjoy equal rights and instead Race promoters should be removed from the commission, if needed. And anyway, in formula 1 there is something always more than just what meets the eye.

The complete list is:

Austria - Red Bull Racing
France - Renault
Germany - BMW Sauber
Italy - Ferrari
Japan - Honda
United Kingdom - Williams

Race promoters:
Australian Grand Prix
Brazilian Grand Prix
Hungarian Grand Prix
Monaco Grand Prix
Spanish Grand Prix

This is ridiculous, and must be changed soon.

btw, the lady in the pic isn't me ;-)

on another note Villeneuve is getting married.

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